Natalia Mikkola Torekov Lydmar curated by Galleri Duerr Art Week Stockholm

Islands of Sculptures and Photographs 19/5-18/6


Alannah Robins. Space Invaders. Bronze.

The work of contemporary Irish artist Alannah Robins, based in Connemara, revolves around themes of identity, memory, migration and man’s relationship to nature. Her five meter tall wooden sculpture Woman of the Water, still intact after 20 years in Cumbria Sculpture Park, is ranked by The Guardian as one of the top eight sculptures of the female figure in England. Galleri Duerr presents Alannah Robins works in bronze.

Crimean / Åland photographer Natalia Mikkola´s work blurs the boundaries between the real and the imagined. Rather than pure documentation, Natalia strives to convey a specific feeling, atmosphere. Her large format Fine Art chromogenic prints are mounted on plexiglas ®Diasec, produced by a renowned lab in Dusseldorf. Natalia Mikkola’s work has already been acquired by well-known collectors throughout Europe.

This meeting of the minds opens Thursday May 19, 4–8 pm

Najdron Gallery, Vanadisvägen 29
Curated by Gallery Duerr
Opening hours Wednesdays 12-20 or by appointment with the Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of The Art Roadshow:

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Sofia Unicef Matt Miley Galleri Duerr Art Week Kulturnatt Stockholm

Art Week and Culture Night

We believe in cross-cultural meetings, for example when Matt Miley’s strong female trickster is shown together with a single portrait made up of hundreds of unseen children. UNICEF’s For Sofia is every child and no child at the same time, created by the 3D animators behind the films Avatar, Planet of the Apes and TinTin. On Wednesday April 20, Sofia is here to share her story and Galleri Duerr will be starting a ”Silent Auction” in cooperation with Najdron Gallery to benefit UNICEF Children’s Emergency Fund giving aid to affected children. The work up for auction is a portrait photo, size 100 x 100 cm, of UNICEF’s new symbol ”For Sofia” – a collage of hundreds of children from all over the world in one single image. The auction begins directly after UNICEF presents the image at 4 pm and the journalist Nils Resare and digital expert Brit Stakson have spoken. You may make your bid on site at the gallery on Vanadisvägen 29 during Art Week until closing at Stockholm Culture Night on Saturday April 23 at midnight. You may yourself choose if you wish to remain anonymous or if you would like to have your name or your company’s name visible. Click on the following link to learn more about ”For Sofia”.

For each sold piece of Matt Miley’s work Galleri Duerr will be gifting a one-year ”Världsförälderskap”. Why not stop by us this week and become one yourself or as a give away?

During Stockholm Art Week, Galleri Duerr, in collaboration with our partners, is pleased to present the following program. We are looking forward to seeing you!

TUESDAY APRIL 19, 5–7 pm
Moderated Artist Talk with photographer LOLA AKINMADE, National Geographic Creative.
Guest appearance: Stephan Lundberg, Manager of ProCenter Print Studio.
Venue: Scandinavian Photo, Sveavägen 20

UNICEF FOR SOFIA – A guest appearance with storytelling in MATT MILEY´S exhibition TRANSPARENT LANDSCAPES. One year as a “world parent” for UNICEF’s For Sofia is gifted by us for each sold art work.
Venue: Najdron Gallery, Vanadisvägen 29

KAPOTH completes his latest painting. Galleri Duerr takes you down into his underground studio! How to succeed the first date.
Venue: Roslagsgatan 29

FRIDAY APRIL 22, 3–5 pm

Is it our children’s responsibility to protect themselves in the digital arena?
Join us in a stimulating conversation with Almedalen’s Goda Samtal and Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of Empowered by Art. Friday 3-5 pm. The conversation ends with a guided tour in Natalia Mikkola´s fine art photo exhibition, Images and Identity
Venue: Lydmar, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2

Galleri Duerr works towards Almedalen, including lifting Almedalen’s Goda Samtal and ABC Charity, supporting children by empowerment for a better start in life. A dialogue with participants from eight countries. Lydmar, in collaboration with Galleri Duerr, highlights female artists in photography. 

SATURDAY APRIL 23, 6 pm to midnight

Lina L Baker’s view on childhood and parenting Don’t Feed the Animals and a lot of other artists!
The Affordable Art Fair, Designmarknad STHLM, Hornstulls Marknad.
Venue: Hötorgsterassen, Sveavägen 17 (on the roof!)

Storytelling all night long!
Venue: Najdron Gallery, Vanadisvägen 29

Fine Art photography exhibition, guided tours until midnight, with Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of Empowered by Art
Venue: Lydmar, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2
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Lola Akinmade Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Scandinavian Photo


A R T  B Y 

Alannah Robins Galleri Duerr Antikmässan

Also showing in collaboration with Lydmar, Södra Blaisenholmshamnen  2
Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Antikmässan
Didier Mazuru Totém Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Stockholm
Matt Miley The Approach Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Stockholm
Also showing in collaboration with Najdron Gallery, Vanadisv. 29
Kapoth BikeMap Galleri Duerr
David Eisenhauer Galleri Duerr
Maria Saveland Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Stockholm

Lola Akinmed Galleri Duerr Antikmässan

photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media

Antikmässan 2016

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Galleri Duerr´s upcoming exhibitions
Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Lydmar


Lydmar and Galleri Duerr proudly present Natalia Mikkola’s solo exhibition ”Images and Identity”.

Natalia Mikkola has a flair for the sensual and mystical. Weekend excursions with her grandmother, an avid art expert, laid the groundwork for her artistic expression. 

Natalia Mikkola has never been interested in pure documentation. Her camera lens blurs the boundaries between realism and fantasy. Subtle color palettes are recurrent themes, landscapes and the misty gray monocromatic shades evident, as in Karelia and Victoria Falls. In other works, such as “Sylt, Kampen, Nordfriesland” a graphic landscape slowly evolves.

Noted art collectors and art experts throughout Europe have picked up artwork of Natalia Mikkola – Fine Art chromogenic prints mounted on plexiglas ®Diasec

Natalia Mikkola was represented by Galleri Duerr at the highly rated Nordic Antiques Fair, ANTIKMÄSSAN2016.

FEB 12 – APR 24

For Fine Art Print Sales, Inquiries and Collaborations please contact Galleri Duerr or visit us att Vanadisvägen 29 Wed-Thurs 12-7 pm, Fri-Sat 12-4 pm.

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Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr No18 Stockholm

Christmas Each Day starts in Berlin

This past Christmas, Gallery Duerr made a guest appearance on Hornsgatspuckeln in a building from the 1640s. This year we plan on recreating this much appreciated event on what is most probably the oldest street in Stockholm, Köpmangatan, mentioned already in 1325. The street opened directly onto the medieval markets. Since 1837, known as Stortorgets Julmarknad. In the heart of Gamla Stan, today’s Christmas Market has since 1915 managed to retain the high quality of Swedish handicrafts and delicacies from all corners of Sweden. The Christmas market always opens on the last Saturday in November, the same day on which the the annual scholarship “For excellent art, and efforts to encourage a culture-friendly environment” is awarded. A large number of the city’s artistic adornments – portals and sculptures – has been made possible simply by virtue of various scholarships and cultural subsidies. A much appreciated event during the holidays is a live Christmas Calendar. Each day, from December 1 to Christmas Eve, a window will open somewhere in Gamla Stan, with both known and unknown artists performing with a music, a song, a poem or even a story.


At the Affordable Art Fair 2015.

At Köpmangatan 22 we will open with the collective exhibition “Christmas Each Day”. An exhibition that will constantly change based on what our visitors go home with. Our ambition is that this year’s Christmas gift becomes art – whether it ends up in a wrapped package or stays in the heart of the person who could not resist stopping at our window. But before we open in Gamla Stan, we are making a stop in the infamous Borchardt private rooms in Berlin, representing one of our artists, photographer Natalia Mikkola. After all, it is here in Germany that the Christmas tree once originated. Berlin has more than any other city demonstrated that the universal language of art creates a more lasting foundation for interpersonal relationships.

The surplus from all sales at all of our exhibitions is reinvested in our work towards our participation at Almedalen, where we are working to highlight positive role models in art and culture as a counterweight to how the younger generation is often portrayed in today’s gaming world, an activity dominating more and more of our children and young people’s leisure time.

“Christmas Each Day” takes place

Köpmangatan 22
November 21 – December 13
Tuesday – Sunday 12 am – 6 pm. 

Wednesday December 9 open to 8 pm!
Participating Natalia Mikkola, Alannah Robins, Nuno Perestrelo, Barbara Bunke, Matt Miley, David Eisenhauer, Lina L. Baker and Kapoth.

Roslagsgatan, November 25 at 5 – 8 pm in the Studio Soudah
RSVP Nov 24 to lotte(at)

Skeppargatan, December 2 at 5-8 pm in David Eisenhauer´s studio
RSVP Dec 1 to lotte(at)

Kungsgatan 57, December 11 at 10 am – 7 pm
Saturday December 12 at 11 am – 6 pm
At HTLin cooperation with the Affordable Art Fair, Galleri Duerr is showing some of our smaller pieces in the aim of making art for this year’s Christmas gift. Kapoth, Barbara Bunke, Lina L. Baker, David Eisenhauer.

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Galleri Duerr´s upcoming exhibitions

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr No18

Natalia Mikkola – Shades of Mysticism

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Sylt, Kampen, Nordfriesland I

Sylt Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Sylt, Kampen, Nordfriesland II

“I am not interested in straightforward documentation, but instead strive to convey a specific feeling and mood.”

Photographer Natalia Mikkola paints with her camera lens – exploring exotic places, creating mystical scenes blurring the boundaries between the real and the imagined. In “Sylt, Kampen, Nordfriesland”, a graphic landscape slowly evolves right before your eyes.

Stark images of Iceland, Karelia, Victoria Falls in Zimbawe and South Africa’s magnificent wildlife are proof that Natalia Mikkola does not merely document. She does not retouch her images. Working instead with technical sophistication and montage, she varnishes her works with a magical sense of the sensual and mythical. From quite different areas of the world, such as London and Milan, come her series “Images and Identity”.

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Images and Identity, Iceland

Natalia Mikkola grew up on the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine. It was here at weekend excursions with her grandmother, an avid art expert, along with a multitude of visits to Vorontsov Palace, summer residence and park of the royal family, laid the groundwork for where she is today.

Shortly after her arrival to Åland 20 years ago, Natalia studied fine art at Ålands Folkhögskola where she was free to experiment within various media. Before finding her own photographic expression she filled her days with studies in the field of economics – business administration and logistics – while also finding the time to study maritime and transport law. Natalia’s general studies in fine art sowed a seed that could not be prevented from germinating, neither by mercantile skills nor family duties. Natalia Mikkola returned therefore in 2011 to Ålands Folkhögskola to study nature photography.

Her work has already been picked up by noted art collectors and she will exhibit in Berlin in October, at a well-known exhibition space. In Stockholm she has exhibited with CVB Art, whose owner and director Catarina von Baumgarten’s extensive fine arts background extends as far as Bukowskis. Natalia has also shown her work at Grand Relations/No 18, the Art and Antique Fair in Helsingborg, the Åland Museum of Art and Gallery Skarpans in Mariehamn, with solo exhibitions at the Åland Maritime Museum and the Mariehamn City Library. Her Fine Art prints mounted on plexiglas are produced at a renowned studio in Dusseldorf with license for ®Diasec.

Kajanaland, No Man's Land I.

Kajanaland, No Man’s Land VII

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Images and Identity

Natalia Mikkola is one of Galleri Duerr’s exhibitors at the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm October 1-4. Do not miss her Behind the Scenes Art Talk  together with contemporary Irish artist Alannan Robins – whose five meter tall wooden sculpture, ”Woman of the Water” has been ranked by The Guardian as one of the top eight sculptures of the female figure in England – Thursday, October 1 at 1.30 pm in Galleri Duerr´s booth nr. C8. See our other artists as well during the fair.

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

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