Nuno Perestrelo Galleri Duerr Stockholm

Smart Citizen Conversation Kaufmann/Rise Interactive/Openlab

, journalist, chief editor – People2Power, the global media platform and Democracy International. Co-Founder, Co-President for the Global Democracy Conference – Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy. Awarded from the European Parliament for his efforts to enhance visibility and teach people to use direct democracy tools. Leads the Electoral and democracy board in Falu municipality. Expert in EU issues regarding active citizenship and participatory democracy and a part of the parliamentary reference group in the Democracy investigation 2014

RISE INTERACTIVE moves the focus from the image of the ideal smart city, driven by algorithms and digital interactions, to support people’s creativity and ingenuity in everyday interactions.

OPENLAB – open innovation location that creates the conditions for solving social challenges. Together with students, researchers, public and voluntary sectors, enterprises, startups and citizens, the focus is to make Stockholm a global center for social innovation that improves quality of life for citizens. Do first – think – retry.

Our goal is to create tools to select and deselect.

#ArtWall Stockholm 30 meter showing couture by Mari Miltvedt, art by Gustav Hjelmgren, Christer Fjellis Fjellman, Paul Quant, Matt Miley, Alannah Robins, Lola Akinmade Åkerström, Kapoth, Lina L Lina Löfström Baker, Filip Cederholm and David Eisenhauer.

NAV-scenen, Markusplatsen 9 (mittemot Dieselverkstan)
Monday 20 March 17-18.30

Photography on top by Nuno Perestrelo, Portugal


Don´t feed the Animals Lina L Baker Galleri Duerr

IPS and World Childhood Foundation

Lunchvisning med Lina L Baker tor 17 nov kl. 12. Tyresö Konsthall

IPS, International Philanthropic Society of Swedens årliga utsålda välgörenhetsgala
innefattar även en konstauktion som organiseras av Carlson Art, till förmån för World Childhood Foundation, en organisation som startades av Drottning Silvia och som stöttar lokala projekt i sitt arbete för barn som blivit utsatta eller riskerar att utsättas för övergrepp. Det inkluderar barn i såväl samhällets vård, gatubarn och familjer i riskzonen.

I samarbete med Iréne Carlson, konstrådgivare och värderingsman, auktoriserad av Svenska Handelskammaren föll vårt bidrag på ett av Lina L Bakers orginal i serien “Don´t feed the Animals”. Tillsammans med konstnärer som bland andra Natalia Edenmont, Dan Wolgers, C Göran Karlsson, Mats Burman och Peter Linde, bidrar Lina L Baker till Childhoods viktiga arbete.

Lina L. Baker, Tyresö kulturstipendiat 2015, arbetar konceptuellt med frågor kring miljö och familjen, med idéer runt globala framtidsscenarion, föräldraskap och släkthistoria. Galleri Duerr representerade Lina L Baker under Affordable Art Fair 2015, Art and Antiques Fair, ANTIKMÄSSAN 2016, Affordable Art Fair 2016 och curerade Lina L Bakers solo utställning på Lydmar 2015. Verken hittar ni på här på Artsy.

29 oktober – 26 november visar Tyresö Konsthall Lina L Bakers utställning Under Exposed. Vernissage  lördag 29 oktober kl.12. Utställningen är ett samarbete med Tyresö konstförening. Förutom Linas senaste verk säljer Galleri Duerr en mindre upplaga av serien Don´t feed the Animals.

Lina L Bakers original (bilden ovan) genererade 32 000 kr till World Childhood Foundation.


Paul Quant Fertility Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

The Parlor

Affordable Art Fair’s self-produced video interviews with selected artists for the on-line magazine The Parlor –  Photographer Lola Akinmade, also seen in the latest Residence magazine and artist Matt Miley,  both represented by Galleri Duerr.

Galleri Duerr is proud to be showing works by 12 different artists, spanning photography to one-of-a-kind sculptures:

  • Lina L. Baker, also participating in this year’s IPS event, fundraising for World Childhood Foundation.
  • DidierMazuru from this year’s Festival O/Modernt at Confidencen.
  • Maria Turchenkova, first exhibition in Sweden Hidden War will be opening at the Lydmar on December 2.
  • Paul Quant’s large-format images, making the most obscure beautiful.
  •  Filip Cederholm, a new series with the purpose of using reworked commercial shots to introduce us to and help finance his world of art for philanthropy projects like ABC Charity.
  • Christer Fjellis Fjellman with the release of his series from Slussen, A Beautiful Ruin in Detail. Fjellis is represented in a large number of private collections.
  • David Eisenhauer will be showing minimalist sculptures.
  • Alannah Robins one-of-a-kind sculpture in bronze Drink this Cup is finally in Sweden!
  • Natalia Mikkola continues with her suggestive imagery.
  • Kapoth’s day dreams on linen stand for the urban element.

This year guest lectures by The National Museum include talks on art scandals to female artist norms and the role of government in designing the ideal home. Our artists will be popping into our booth A5 as announced on our social media.

Take a piece home with you when you leave the show, have a work delivered to you, or place an order!

Friday October 14, 11–6pm
Saturday October 15, 11–6pm
Sunday October 16, 11–6pm

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Maria Turchenkova In a garden Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm Lydmar

Hidden War

Maria Turchenkova born in Moscow 1987, is currently based between Moscow, Paris and Erbil. Turchenkova is a member of the Getty Reportage Emerging Talent and participated 2013 in the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam. In 2014 she was selected one of “PDN´s 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch”. Her work has appeared in TIME Magazine, NYT, Le Monde, Der Speigel, La Republica, Arte TV and others.

After five years of radio journalism Maria Turchenkova took up photography. Since 2011 her attention has focused primarily on the North Caucasus (Russia) where she conducted a long-term project ‘Hidden War In The Land Of Mountains’ concerning the ongoing armed conflict in the region. Since the crisis broke out in Ukraine, with annexation of Crimea and revolt in East Ukraine, Maria Turchenkova has been working on her project “People’s republic of chaos”, telling about the war in Donbass. At the same time Maria works on her personal project in the Middle East.

Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia

The Republic of Dagestan in North Caucasus, Russia, with a population of about 3 million, is comprised of more then 40 ethnic groups where ethnic Russians make up roughly 4,5%. Despite the reduction of large-scale military operations 10 years ago in Chechnya and Grozny emerging after decades of chaos under the autocratic rule of Kadyrov, the neighboring Dagestan is locked in a cycle of violence,  and unlawfulness, which affects every family. In fact anyone, can appear under pressure, threat and suspect. While it stays out of news agenda in the central part of Russia, Dagestan today has almost a half of its territory  under a special security regimen (CTO, or “counter-terrorist operation”) and populace endures martial law, rigid curfews and random searches enforced by the Russian military.

Dagestan today is split by seemingly intractable social and religious differences. The gap between the richest and the poorest is enormous. Salafism — a puritanical form of Islam — is largely raising its profile against the Sufi Muslims, complicating the already tangled political and religious picture.

The women in Dagestan have traditionally enjoyed more freedom in comparison to Chechnya, but the spread of violence and radical Islam has changed their lives. While the Russian part of the Caucasus, including Dagestan, is under Russian law, nowadays the women here find themselves suppressed either by custom or Sharia law, exempt from legal support of the authorities and the applicable legal system. As a result they become victims of killings of honor, kidnappings, domestic violence, sexual abuse, torture, acts of terrorism and counterterrorism. Meanwhile the story of the women’s sufferings often stay in the shadows and those who are guilty are rarely punished, as the problems of women are taboo for public discussion in the Caucasian part of Russia.

While with only officially more than 3000 victims of the ongoing armed conflict during past 5 years, Dagestan remains the undisputed leader in the level of violence among the regions of North Caucasus / Maria Turchenkova

Hidden War In the Land of Mountains is a long-term project by photojournalist Maria Turchenkova. This is her first solo exhibition in Sweden. Maria Turchenkova´s photography on top, IN A GARDEN, released in a limited edition and represented by Galleri Duerr at the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2016.

Maria Turchenkova´s first solo exhibition in Sweden, Hidden War, will be released at Lydmar December 2, curated by Galleri Duerr. The exhibition continues to February 26.

ABC Charity Filip Cederholm Almedalens Goda Samtal Galleri Duerr Almedalsveckan

Almedalen 3-10 July Empowerment

From a cog in the materialistic wheel to a backpack focused on values. The Swedish non-profit Children’s Empowerment Organization ABC Charity has been published in over 100 newspapers around the world and has received the support of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu. Founders Filip Cederholm, former advertising photographer, and Ashley Cooper, inspirational speaker, have encouraged businesses, creators, artists and performers worldwide to take responsibility for the way they communicate and the effect it has on children and young people’s values. ABC Charity is creating the first-ever human alphabet – each letter formed by five hundred children in different countries, giving them a day to remember for the rest of their life.

The Photo Art is sold to raise money for local charity projects giving children in need a better start in life. Thanks to ABC Charity partners there are no overhead costs and 100% goes directly to a local children’s charity of the buyer’s choice. So far the letters A–G are available in ABC Charity’s webshop. ABC Charity’s goal is to find partners to help finance the rest of the letters by the end of 2019. During Almedalsveckan, in the midst of Almedalens Goda Samtal (good conversations), Galleri Duerr is showing some of the large format photographs in collaboration with Initiativ Samutveckling and Kultur i Almedalen. The exhibition includes the conversations;

WEDNESDAY JULI 6, 13.15–14.45 Almedalens Goda Samtal, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby
“Throughout journey´s around the World, working with thousands of children, no matter where they come from it is obvious how  the kid´s are impacted by artists actions and imitate their behaviour.  Where do our values come from? Who gave them to us? Are they benefiting our life experience? If not, how can we change them to benefit both ourselves and the society at large.
Dialogue hosts: 
Photographer Filip Cederholm, inspirational speaker Ashley Cooper, co-founders ABC Charity (this event is highlighted by Sveriges kommunikatörer)

TORSDAG 20 (direkt efter partiledartalet)
Vad hände med grundlagsparagrafen om otillbörlig våldsspridning gällande barn och vart tog vi vuxna vägen? Eller har det blivit barns ansvar att värja sig mot ultravåld och våldspornografi. Hur skyddar vi barnen? Problemställningar och lösningar.
Arr:  Fler Unga / Galleri Duerr /  Initiativ Samutveckling

SUNDAY JULY 3, 16-17.30, Almedalens Goda Samtal, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby
Has it become our children’s responsibility to protect themselves in the digital arena?

How can we support the children, their parents and the schools in these issues.
Dialogue host: Lotte Johansson, teenageparent, Galleri Duerr
Contributors among others: Staffan Forssell, GD, Swedish Arts Council
Johanna Nylander, Policy Affairs, Swedish Games Industry, Caroline Engvall, Author Virtuell våldtäkt.
Stéphanie Thögersen, Program Manager, Sweden´s Women Lobby

TUESDAY JULY 5, 11-12, Mellang. 21, Visby
To give young people tools to deal with peer pressure and many times an incomprehensible world 36 young people created the unlicensed method of health guidance “Du bestämmer /You Decide” based on young people’s own ideas about health and what they can do to improve it, constantly evaluated by students involved in different countries. Even if the results show that the participating students develope higher self-esteem, better control of their lives, more health promotion activities and gained access to a strategy they can use on a daily basis, the method is rarely used, why? To achieve good results, it is important that the right conditions are given in this work. Lotte Johansson, who have good results of working with the method will lead the dialogue about the the method, the key´s to introduce the method to your staff and how to reach the students.
(A 30 min summery from Hungergames girl is presented 10.30-11)
Lotte Johansson / Galleri Duerr / Initiativ Samutveckling

DIALOGUES on urgent self-leadership issues with participants from eight countries will take place in the midst of Filip Cederholm´s photo exhibition ABC Charity – Children’s Empowerment, Curated by Galleri Duerr, July 3-10 7:55 – 19:00, Almedalens Goda Samtal, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby. Program Amedalens Goda Samtal. Welcome to take part in the good conversations.

SUMMERTIME – a part of The Art Roadshow. A Collective Exhibition including our artists . Appointments only: Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Why not follow Galleri Duerr on Artsy?


Natalia Mikkola Torekov Lydmar curated by Galleri Duerr Art Week Stockholm

Islands of Sculptures and Photographs 19/5-18/6


Alannah Robins. Space Invaders. Bronze.

The work of contemporary Irish artist Alannah Robins, based in Connemara, revolves around themes of identity, memory, migration and man’s relationship to nature. Her five meter tall wooden sculpture Woman of the Water, still intact after 20 years in Cumbria Sculpture Park, is ranked by The Guardian as one of the top eight sculptures of the female figure in England. Galleri Duerr presents Alannah Robins works in bronze.

Crimean / Åland photographer Natalia Mikkola´s work blurs the boundaries between the real and the imagined. Rather than pure documentation, Natalia strives to convey a specific feeling, atmosphere. Her large format Fine Art chromogenic prints are mounted on plexiglas ®Diasec, produced by a renowned lab in Dusseldorf. Natalia Mikkola’s work has already been acquired by well-known collectors throughout Europe.

This meeting of the minds opens Thursday May 19, 4–8 pm

Najdron Gallery, Vanadisvägen 29
Curated by Gallery Duerr
Opening hours Wednesdays 12-20 or by appointment with the Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of The Art Roadshow:

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Sofia Unicef Matt Miley Galleri Duerr Art Week Kulturnatt Stockholm

Art Week and Culture Night

We believe in cross-cultural meetings, for example when Matt Miley’s strong female trickster is shown together with a single portrait made up of hundreds of unseen children. UNICEF’s For Sofia is every child and no child at the same time, created by the 3D animators behind the films Avatar, Planet of the Apes and TinTin. On Wednesday April 20, Sofia is here to share her story and Galleri Duerr will be starting a ”Silent Auction” in cooperation with Najdron Gallery to benefit UNICEF Children’s Emergency Fund giving aid to affected children. The work up for auction is a portrait photo, size 100 x 100 cm, of UNICEF’s new symbol ”For Sofia” – a collage of hundreds of children from all over the world in one single image. The auction begins directly after UNICEF presents the image at 4 pm and the journalist Nils Resare and digital expert Brit Stakson have spoken. You may make your bid on site at the gallery on Vanadisvägen 29 during Art Week until closing at Stockholm Culture Night on Saturday April 23 at midnight. You may yourself choose if you wish to remain anonymous or if you would like to have your name or your company’s name visible. Click on the following link to learn more about ”For Sofia”.

For each sold piece of Matt Miley’s work Galleri Duerr will be gifting a one-year ”Världsförälderskap”. Why not stop by us this week and become one yourself or as a give away?

During Stockholm Art Week, Galleri Duerr, in collaboration with our partners, is pleased to present the following program. We are looking forward to seeing you!

TUESDAY APRIL 19, 5–7 pm
Moderated Artist Talk with photographer LOLA AKINMADE, National Geographic Creative.
Guest appearance: Stephan Lundberg, Manager of ProCenter Print Studio.
Venue: Scandinavian Photo, Sveavägen 20

UNICEF FOR SOFIA – A guest appearance with storytelling in MATT MILEY´S exhibition TRANSPARENT LANDSCAPES. One year as a “world parent” for UNICEF’s For Sofia is gifted by us for each sold art work.
Venue: Najdron Gallery, Vanadisvägen 29

KAPOTH completes his latest painting. Galleri Duerr takes you down into his underground studio! How to succeed the first date.
Venue: Roslagsgatan 29

FRIDAY APRIL 22, 3–5 pm

Is it our children’s responsibility to protect themselves in the digital arena?
Join us in a stimulating conversation with Almedalen’s Goda Samtal and Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of Empowered by Art. Friday 3-5 pm. The conversation ends with a guided tour in Natalia Mikkola´s fine art photo exhibition, Images and Identity
Venue: Lydmar, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2

Galleri Duerr works towards Almedalen, including lifting Almedalen’s Goda Samtal and ABC Charity, supporting children by empowerment for a better start in life. A dialogue with participants from eight countries. Lydmar, in collaboration with Galleri Duerr, highlights female artists in photography. 

SATURDAY APRIL 23, 6 pm to midnight

Lina L Baker’s view on childhood and parenting Don’t Feed the Animals and a lot of other artists!
The Affordable Art Fair, Designmarknad STHLM, Hornstulls Marknad.
Venue: Hötorgsterassen, Sveavägen 17 (on the roof!)

Storytelling all night long!
Venue: Najdron Gallery, Vanadisvägen 29

Fine Art photography exhibition, guided tours until midnight, with Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of Empowered by Art
Venue: Lydmar, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2
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