Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Borchardt Berlin

Natalia Mikkola

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr No18 Stockholm

Sylt, Kampen, Northfriesland 165 x 110 cm

Natalia Mikkola explores exotic places with her camera – the barren explosive Icelandic landscapes, Victoria Falls in Zimbawe and South Africa with it’s magnificent wildlife. Natalia does not merely document. She paints, and her camera lens is her brush. In Karelia, misty gray monochrome landscapes blur the boundaries between reality and imagination, shimmering softly in a countless number of shades. Fateful and melancholy, never sad nor frightening, suggestive and captivating. From quite different areas of the world – London and Milan – come her series “Images and Identity”. In “Sylt” from Nordfriesland, a graphic landscape slowly evolves right before your eyes. Natalia varnishes her works with a magical sense of the sensual and mythical.

Photographer Natalia Mikkola grew up on the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine, where weekend excursions with her grandmother, an avid art expert, along with a multitude of visits to Vorontsov Palace, the summer residence and park of the royal family, laid the groundwork for where she is today. Shortly after her arrival to Åland 20 years ago, Natalia studied fine art at Ålands Folkhögskola where she was free to experiment within various media. Before finding her own photographic expression she filled her days with studies in the field of economics – business administration and logistics – while also finding the time to study maritime and transport law. Natalia’s general studies in fine art sowed a seed that could not be prevented from germinating, neither by mercantile skills nor family duties. Mikkola returned therefore in 2011 to Ålands Folkhögskola to study nature photography.

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Images and Identity, Island 110×165 cm

Natalia has exhibited at the Art and Antique Fair in Stockholm and Helsingborg, CVB Art the Åland Museum of Art and Gallery Skarpans in Mariehamn, with solo exhibitions at the Åland Maritime Museum and the Mariehamn City Library. Her Fine Art chromogenic prints, mounted on plexiglas, are produced at a renowned lab in Dusseldorf with license for ®Diasec. This past November, Galleri Duerr showed “Images and Identity” at The Borchardt, Berlin.

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Lydmar

Torekov 165 x 110 cm

Natalia Mikkola was represented by Galleri Duerr at the highly rated Nordic Art and Antiques Fair,  ANTIKMÄSSAN 2016, Art Week 2016, Affordable Art Fair 2015, 2016. She is also represented in Moderna Samlare and will be represented by Galleri Duerr during Festival O/Modernt Edition 2017, Confidencen, Ulriksdals Slott. Available work you find in Artsy. Please leave your bids to Galleri Duerr before or during the silent auction June 16-21, Festival O/Modernt.

Kajanaland, No Man's Land I.

Kajanaland, No Man´s Land 165×110 cm /80×53 cm

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Images and Identity 80×58 cm

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015

Catch the Moment 100 x 66

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr No18

London 100 x 66 cm

Available work in Artsy

For Private showing, Fine Art Print Sales, Inquiries and Collaborations please contact Galleri Duerr or Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and founder of The Art Roadshow 

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