Disseminating Sentience MattMiley Galleri Duerr Stockholm Najdron Gallery

Matt Miley

3 minutes with Matt Miley
“My work is a reflection of my journey to find a higher awareness of my moment to moment experience. This type of venture has traditionally been confined to and referenced by rigid and crumbling institutions. To transcend these systems of thought, I intend for my work to signify psychological change that dismantles and rebuilds recurrently. I use willed introspection and mythological propositions to guide me, as schema, through this journey.”
Matt Miley The Approach Galleri Duerr Antikmässan

The Approach

Matt is a visual artist originally from the southern United States. Following a bachelor degree in design at Mississippi College and the completion of a Master of Fine Arts at Florida State University, where as a graduate student he participated in an exhibition during the Art Basel Miami Beach International Art Fair, Matt moved to New York City in 2009 to work at the School of Visual Arts as a designer and operations manager. Matt Miley is currently living and making art in Stockholm.

His work has been exhibited internationally. Segments of Matt’s work are heavily influenced by his life experiences in the southern United States (and now even of Sweden), having spent the first part of his life in Louisiana and Mississippi. During graduate school, Matt pursued an opportunity to study in London and Amsterdam. There, he observed a complex social, cultural, and political environment. Europe bares some similarities to the southern United States but it is often completely divergent. Matt’s research involved the critical reason, comparative mythology, and theory present in contemporary art.

During his time at Florida State University he built a body of thesis work that involved aspects of narrative drawing and painting mixed abstract and ambiguous segments in large scale. In 2010 he collaborated with a colleague in Philadelphia to generate an exhibition entitled “When She Strikes”. The work involved two large large-scale 6 x 16 foot drawings, video, and found sound and was exhibited in both Brooklyn and Philadelphia. He has also been involved in building and co-directing the Pinion Gallery in New York. The gallery was physically based in Brooklyn and hosted seven exhibitions. Matt has also recently completed a series of paintings entitled “Surface; Cataract; Inundate” involving zoomorphic and landscape features in a state of becoming or becoming undone.

Matt Miley’s “Trickster Series” – layered ink on mylar drawings.

Matt Miley was represented by Galleri Duerr at the highly rated Nordic Antiques Fair, ANTIKMÄSSAN 2016, Stockholm Art Week 2015,  Affordable Art Fair 2015, 2016.

Matt Miley Assimilation in the snow Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign

3 minute movie – Matt Miley telling about his 183 x 305 cm. tall “Assimilations in the Snow” and Emit from The Mesencephalon Trickster series.

Matt Miley showing his process and very special technique – three layers of ink drawings on film.
Matt Mileys website

The Parlor
Matt Miley´s work is available in Artsy
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