Didier Mazuru Galleri Duerr Confidencen Festival O/Modernt

Didier Mazuru

“Already in the 80s, I began sketching lines based on the fluid movements of the hand. Allowing the eye to pick out forms and volumes from the jumble of lines. I later left these drawings behind to devote myself to another series of drawings consisting of composite human-like characters that I gathered under the name “In the House of Dreams”.

Didier Mazuru Totém Galleri Duerr Antikmässan StockholmMy images beg to be experienced, not analyzed. Art is particularly sensitive. To paint, in my opinion, is to go in search of the sensation, not the idea, that bares the emotion. Ideas do not need painting in order to exist and develop. However, my paintings do provide access to feelings and emotions that would otherwise remain inaccessible. Painting works in much the same way as music, dance or sculpture. It aims to release a pure energy that can arouse our senses and our sensitivity, setting in motion our own perceptions and imaginations.

Within these areas the ideas are, in general, troublemakers that affect the way we observe, preventing us from perceiving things as they are and of deepening our view of them. It is therefore not ours to think, to understand, or even less to judge but to feel. To do this, we must take our time. “/ Didier Mazuru

Didier Mazuru was represented by Galleri Duerr at the highly rated Antiques Fair, Antikmässan 2016, the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015, 2016 and as a part of The sixth edition of Festival O/MODƏRNT and
Available work you find in Artsy.

Sales / Private showing of Didier Mazurus available work in his studio in Vasastan, Inquiries and Collaborations , please contact Deborah Duerr 070-307 34 32.

Didier Mazuru Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Stockholm

Didier Mazuru. Överlämnandet. Akvarell. 22 x 54 cm.

Galleri Duerr´s upcoming exhibitions

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